The World of Coffee 

Coffee: A Competitive Sport

Cup of Excellence: The Oscars of Coffee

Coffee Trends and Controversies

Coffee Google Style

The Origins of Coffee 

Ethiopia: The Birthplace of Coffee

The Ottoman Empire: Passing the Coffee Baton to Europe


Vienna: Decadent Party at the End of the Century

Paris: The Caffeinated Revolution

Café Quatre Gats in Barcelona: Pre-Paris Picasso

Prague: Absinthe and Longing for Paris

Bratistlava: Rebirth of Coffee Culture

Italy: Passion for Coffee

Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands: Europe’s Big Coffee Businesses

Bosnia: Coffee in Happiness and in Sorrow

London: Revival of the Oldest European Café Culture

Scandinavia: The World’s Most Caffeinated Countries

Iceland: The World’s Most Close-Knit Coffee Community

Israel: A Crossroad of Coffee Cultures

The United States of America

A Nation Born into Coffee

San Francisco Bay Area: Seeds of a Coffee Revolution

Seattle: Coffee Capital of the U.S.A

Portland: The Rival Coffee Capital

Starbucks: The Coffee Giant

Coffee Cowboys and Evangelists

The American Midwest

New York City: The Café Bazaar

South and Central America        

Guatemala: Sublime Coffees from the Volcanic Slopes

Costa Rica: Coffee from “a place high in the mountains that only birds can reach”

El Salvador: Excellent Coffees Emerging After the Civil War

Colombia: Continuing the Juan Valdez Legacy

Brazil: Coffee Superpower

Asia and the Pacific Rim

Australia: A Rich Coffee Culture Down Under

Japan: Relentless Pursuit of Quality Coffee

The Republic of Korea: Nation on a Café Craze

China: East Meets West for Coffee


Acknowledgments, references, photography credits